Top 5 Reasons to Have Bi-Annual Dental Cleanings

Going to the dentist is something that people rarely enjoy doing. However, ensuring that your oral health is maintained is crucial to your overall health too. Skipping out on bi-annual dentist appointments can be dangerous to the health of your teeth, mouth, and gums. How? Well, going in for a checkup and cleaning twice a year, ensures that your dentist has a chance to check for cavities, decay, or other dental problems. Taking precautionary measures for your dental health is a lot better than having to deal with the potential of pain later on down the line. 

Why bi-annual dental cleanings are important

1. A cleaner mouth

    People argue that they brush their teeth twice a day and floss every day at home. They may then question why going into the dentist's office is necessary. It is necessary to be seen by a professional because they have the ability to see things on your teeth or gums that you may not be able to when at home. Dentists are able to see plaque and tartar on the teeth as well as possible gum diseases.  Dentists have better equipment to reach every corner of your mouth to remove all of the plaque and tartar. Visiting the dentist will ensure that your mouth stays clean. If your dentist finds that it is not clean, he or she may give you tips on better ways to keep your mouth clean.

    2. Prevention of gum diseases

      Gingivitis is a severe gum disease that is caused by tartar that cannot be removed from toothbrushes or flossing. Visiting the dentist bi-annually will ensure that your gums stay in good shape, avoiding a disease. The dentist can keep you informed on ways to maintain healthy gums.

      3. Early detection of oral cancers

        Cancer is always a serious issue, whatever part of the body it might be related to. Early screening is very necessary for the treatment of cancer, so during your dental cleaning, the dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth for any signs of cancer. If you were to skip out on a checkup appointment, there is potential that your cancer could be missed. Dentists have the ability to see things inside of our mouths, that we cannot see. 

        4. Reduces the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases

          People might not understand how gingivitis can lead to a stroke but there is a very strong possibility of this since gum diseases and cardiovascular diseases are strongly related. Bacteria can enter your bloodstream via cavities. This bacteria being in the bloodstream may then cause many cardiovascular issues, so it is very important to get your bi-annual oral cleaning. It's important for the dentist to be able to catch any signs of developing cavities to avoid it leading to anything further - such as cardiovascular diseases.

          5. Helps in early detection of other issues

            As we all know, dental treatment can cost a little too much but that is also true in the case of a late diagnosis. If you visit your dentist bi-annually, other problems like new cavities, loose or cracked fillings can be detected on time costing you less money. Avoiding regular checkups with your dentist may put you at risk for forming other related health issues. Regularly going to the dentist will ensure that they can catch any signs of dental problems. 

            Going to the dentist isn't anything fun, but it's better to go twice a year for just a checkup then having to go for an emergency. Visiting the dentist frequently will ensure that your oral health stays in good shape. 

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