How A Dental Cleaning Can Improve Your Health

Dental CleaningPlenty of people are unaware of the fact that having a dental cleaning performed benefits the human body as well as the teeth, tongue and gums. A dental cleaning enhances health in a number of interesting ways.

Here is a look at how a dental cleaning can boost health, well-being, looks, memory and more.

A Dental Cleaning Will Freshen Your Breath

Excellent oral hygiene including regular deep cleans during visits at the dentist's will combat tooth decay as well as halitosis. Have a thorough dental cleaning performed once every six months to keep your mouth as healthy as possible and odor-free. Eat healthy, exercise and avoid sugary drinks for a while and you just might find your mouth has a lovely natural scent.

A Dental Cleaning Enhances Overall Health as Well as Oral Health

Numerous studies have shown there is a strong tie between gum disease and cardiovascular disease. Letting the dentist clean your teeth on a regular basis will greatly reduce the odds of gum disease and a subsequent heart attack, stroke, blocked blood vessels or other life-threatening medical condition. Keep in mind that gums reflect the condition of the entire body. They are an excellent indicator of your state of health.

Enhance Your Memory With a Dental Cleaning

The Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry reports adult patients who have gingivitis in which the gums bleed and swell perform worse on memory tests and tests for additional cognitive skills than those with healthy gums and mouths. Those saddled with gingivitis were more inclined to perform at a low level on two tests subtraction and verbal recall. Each of these skills is used in normal daily living.

Improve Your Look and Feel Better About Yourself

You deserve better than yellow teeth and a shy smile. Have your teeth deep cleaned with regularity and they will stay a healthy and attractive shade of white. This is the beautiful hue you need to improve your overall appearance. You will not hesitate to smile, laugh, eat or open your mouth in public for any other reason after your dental cleaning freshens up your mouth's look and feel.

A recent study that analyzed 100,000 adults in Taiwan's national health insurance database determined 24 percent of those who had undergone a teeth cleaning by a dentist or a dental hygienist enjoyed a reduced risk for a heart attack. They also enjoyed a 13 percent risk reduction for stroke compared to those who had never had a dental cleaning. This reduction was especially strong for those who had a full dental cleaning at least once per year.

Research has shown teeth cleaning decreases bacteria that cause inflammation and heightens the functionality of blood vessels to ensure the proper flow of blood. Some within the oral health community believe inflammation within the gums triggers inflammation within the heart. It appears as though we will continue to learn more about the importance of dental cleanings as we continue to research oral health.

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