What Are Tooth Colored Fillings Made Of?

FillingsPlenty of people have tooth colored fillings in their mouth. These fillings have become quite popular over the past years as they look and function just like normal teeth. Tooth colored fillings blend in quite nicely with the rest of the mouth and also provide extensive functionality. Patients who have tooth colored fillings find they really do improve aesthetics, self-confidence and even well-being.

Here is a look at what these fillings are made of.

Tooth Colored Filling Material

It was not long ago when the teeth were filled with a mix of different metals. Nowadays, people are looking for a natural looking filling that complements the surrounding teeth. The aim is for onlookers to have no idea the tooth is actually filled. This is precisely why tooth colored fillings are becoming the norm. The material used for tooth colored fillings is strong, safe and predictable.

Tooth colored fillings, also known as white fillings and composite fillings, are comprised of plastic, silica and glass particles. These substances replicate a lot of the qualities of the natural tooth structure like translucency and resistance to wear. The blend of these particles is often referred to as a composite. This is a rigid composite that truly helps to bolster the teeth and enhance aesthetics.

The Composition of the Tooth Colored Filling Material

The material used in these tooth colored fillings is actually soft when initially placed. This allows the dentist to ensure the filling fully fills the cavity. Once the filling is in place, it is subsequently hardened with a special light that serves to bond the composite resin to the teeth. This bonding ensures the tooth colored filling will not fall out.

A Filling Free of Metal

There is absolutely no metal used in these fillings. This is a seemingly small but important benefit that many overlook. Studies have shown the mercury within amalgam fillings has the potential to pose significant health risks. Though the science is not conclusive, it appears as though fillings with metal might pose a threat to health.

The Use of Tooth Colored Fillings

These fillings are typically used in instances of small to moderate sized restorations. These encompass the majority of fillings. Just about everyone who has a cavity will have the option of enjoying a lovely looking tooth colored filling. It is even possible to have your white filling(s) placed in a single visit. Tooth colored fillings are incredibly durable. They resist fractures better than other fillings. Go ahead and chew with your white fillings and you won't have any issues at all. So be sure to speak with your dentist about tooth colored fillings to determine if they are the optimal solution for your unique mouth and oral health needs.

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