Preventing Cavities With a Routine Dental Exam

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Some people may think a dental exam is an intimidating experience. Other people may see it as a waste of time, and so they avoid the visits. Putting off wellness checkups at the dentist’s office can have serious consequences. There are many reasons you should make these appointments a priority. Among other benefits, you will be less likely to have cavities and gum disease.

A dental exam: when to start and how often to go

Parents should not wait until their children have a mouthful of teeth to go to the dentist’s office. Parents do not have to delay dental visits until the child can take care of their own personal hygiene either. As soon as the child’s first tooth emerges, wellness checkups should begin. From this point, the patient should go to the dentist’s office every six months. People who have problems with tooth decay or gum disease may want to come in more frequently.

Counseling from the dentist

There are several components of a dental exam. Not only will the dentist examine the patient, but there is instruction as well. An examination is a good opportunity for the dentist to teach the patient how to brush and floss effectively. The dentist may recommend certain types of toothbrushes or brands of toothpaste. There may even be a discussion about limiting sugary foods and beverages. By following this advice, the person will have less of a chance of getting cavities.

Fluoride treatment

Near the end of the dental exam, many dentists give the patient fluoride. The hygienist usually administers this on a mouthpiece, which the patient keeps on their teeth for about a minute. Fluoride protects the tooth against decay. It strengthens teeth and helps prevent cavities. Some dentists will only give these treatments to children, though similar treatments may be available for adults.

Teeth cleaning

Daily brushing is critical to maintaining healthy, strong teeth. However, getting a thorough, deep teeth cleaning will bolster the patient’s teeth and remove buildup. The dentist will use an ultrasonic brush and an abrasive toothpaste that cleans more completely than regular brushing would do. This step of the dental exam is a good way to help fight cavities, especially when the patient does it at least twice a year.

Getting into good habits

Knowing they are going to the dentist’s office soon, many patients are more prone to keep up with good oral hygiene habits. People who are diligent about going into the office for dental exams usually brush well and have healthier teeth. Staying away from the dentist’s office often has the opposite effect. Consistent visits to the dentist’s office keep the individual accountable.

Say so long to tooth decay

Cavities can cause intense tooth pain and discomfort. Left untreated, cavities can become larger and affect other parts of the mouth. There are ways you can avoid tooth decay and stay in control of your oral health. Along with self-care at home, go to a dental exam every six months. These appointments will contribute to a cavity-free mouth.

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