What to Expect From Invisalign® Treatment

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The conventional means of correcting teeth misalignment was metal braces until Invisalign® came into the picture.  A smile makes a lasting first impression, which is why some people take their dental health and expression seriously. National Oral Health Alliance report that nine out of 10 people have experienced embarrassment due to their teeth, a reason to worry about their self-image and seek an effective and discreet teeth straightening treatment.

Presently, more and more people are opting for the transparent aligner system provided by Invisalign. Therefore, if you are considering getting Invisalign, the information below will go over what to expect from the entire process.

Invisalign treatment

Invisalign works by wearing aligner trays over the teeth for a specific period. Getting Invisalign treatment could be a new and different experience; therefore, several minor changes may be experienced. These changes range from minor shifts to barely any changes at all.

Minor speech distortions

At first, patients who get Invisalign treatment may have slight changes in their speech in the form of distortions, especially in the first few days. This is largely because the tongue needs time to adjust to the new device. As the adjustment gets better, the speech goes back to normal. Since the mouth is going through new development, dryness (soreness) of the mouth may be inevitable.

Mouth soreness

The teeth and gums are also experiencing a new change because they are being forced in a new direction. Therefore, the mouth may experience tenderness or soreness. After repeated use, the mouth will gradually adapt to the trays, and everything will return to normal again. If the patient continues to experience such soreness, covering tray edges in dental wax might be a good idea because it helps prevent scraping while eating.

Hassle-free eating and drinking

Food or drinks rarely have adverse impacts on aligners because the tray must be taken out before eating or drinking or cleaning the teeth. This eliminates the fear of having food stuck in between the trays. Again, they are easy to clean when removed, helping the user maintain healthy oral hygiene.

Easy cleaning

First, cleaning the mouth prevents the formation of plaques that could ensue from a build-up of bacteria. On the other hand, the aligners can be cleaned with mouthwash, a 50-50 hydrogen peroxide solution, vinegar solution, and water. Since the trays have to be worn for several hours in a day, cleaning prevents discoloration and odor emissions.

Duration of wear

For successful and effective results, aligners should be worn for at least 22 hours a day. Post-treatment experiences differ from individual to individual, but the processes are almost always similar. Some persons may notice an instant change in the positioning of their teeth, while others may see results much later.

In conclusion

It may take some time to get used to the Invisalign treatment. You need to make the process a habit so the effort and money put into the process do not go to waste. Note that changes happen every day, and once the aligners come off, you will see them. However, the experience still differs from person to person because conditions for treatment vary.

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