Orthodontics for Kids Options: Braces

There are a variety of options in orthodontics for kids available nowadays. These treatments can start as early as when the child reaches the age of seven. Generally speaking, the earlier a child is taken to an orthodontist, the easier it is to correct any alignment issues. The teeth and the jaw are still growing at this stage and that makes it easier to address issues like crowding.

Other issues that are best addressed early on include protruding front teeth and crossbites. Front teeth that stick out can be easily damaged due to an accident, while a crossbite can lead to uneven jaw growth when it is not addressed early on.

Benefits of early orthodontics for kids

Early teeth straightening treatments take advantage of the fact the children's teeth are still growing. These treatments are also beneficial when the patient's jaw and dental arches are not in the proper position. Dental equipment like braces and headgear can be used to address these issues. The earlier the treatment starts, the less time is required to address the alignment issues.

Braces have been improved upon in recent years. While these devices remain very visible in the wearer's mouth, technology now makes them more comfortable and attractive. Braces can be customized with the child's favorite colors, turning them into a fashion accessory. Braces have also become more affordable over the years and they are actually the cheapest way to align a child's teeth.

Taking care of braces

Good oral hygiene is important for kids regardless of if they wear braces or some other dental prosthetics. Oral hygiene becomes even more important when a child wears traditional braces. This is due to the fact that food particles and other debris tend to get stuck in braces.

Children who wear braces should rinse their mouths with water about three to four times a day to loosen any food particles stuck in the device. Children are also advised to brush their teeth at least two times a day and to follow that up with a fluoride-infused mouthwash. This helps to keep the teeth healthy.

Flossing should also be regularly performed when a child wears braces. Flossing becomes more difficult when braces are being worn, but tools like a water flosser can be used to make the process a lot easier. Failing to properly take care of the mouth when wearing braces leads to plaque accumulation. In time, that plaque will turn into tartar, which leads to further tooth decay and gum disease.

Children undergoing orthodontics for kids treatments should be taken to the dentist every six months for a thorough cleaning and evaluation. This helps to reduce tartar accumulation and ensure that the braces are not causing any complications. A dentist will also give the child a fluoride treatment, which will help to keep tooth decay at bay for months at a time.

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