How Clear Aligners Adjust Teeth

Most patients are aware clear aligners exist, yet few know how these dental devices function. Below, we explain how clear aligners work, why they are so important and how they improve oral health and beauty.

Clear aligners adjust teeth with ease

Clear aligners rely on three-dimensional computer imaging to portray the full treatment plan, all the way from the starting position to the intended position. Once this plan is made, custom-crafted, translucent aligners are made. These aligners move teeth in an incremental fashion. Clear alignment braces are applied in a series. Aligners are worn for a couple weeks and subsequently replaced by the next in the series until the final positioning is achieved. Aligners are comprised of translucent, robust plastic of medical grade. This plastic is invisible when worn by patients.

Clear plastic aligners work well without sacrificing beauty

Clear aligners are a nearly translucent alternative to conventional braces fixed on the teeth. Dentists and patients favor clear aligners for the correction of orthodontic issues, yet these will not always suffice for especially severe orthodontic challenges. Patients typically favor clear aligners, as they can be removed with ease and are nearly invisible. If clear aligners are not worn in a consistent manner or are taken out of the mouth frequently, the treatment might not prove effective.

The merits of clear alignment braces

Clear aligners are more comfortable than traditional braces. This enhanced comfort is attributable to the fact that there is minimal material on the teeth. Furthermore, there are no wires. If properly cared for, they will remain translucent as time passes. Clear aligners are also more hygienic than regular braces and can be removed when brushing the teeth, eating or performing any other activity involving the mouth.

Patients who opt for clear aligners love the fact that their teeth are being straightened without onlookers knowing any dental device is in the mouth. This approach to teeth straightening is completely comfortable, as there are no wires or metal brackets involved. Unlike traditional metal braces, clear alignment braces will not irritate the mouth. Patients will ultimately spend that much less time in the dentist’s office because there is no need to tend to wires, brackets, etc. Finally, clear aligners patients are provided with the opportunity to virtually view their own customized treatment plan prior to the application procedure, to see how the newly straightened teeth will look.

Contact us for more information about clear aligners

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