General Dentist Procedures for Fixing Broken Teeth

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Broken teeth are one of the issues a general dentist can help you to deal with. It typically occurs as a result of teeth being damaged by acids in the mouth, bite forces or trauma. The severity of a broken tooth often dictates how a dentist decides to approach it.

Broken teeth that come with bleeding and pain are often counted as dental emergencies while minor broken teeth often do not have these symptoms.

Procedures a general dentist can use to fix broken teeth

Here are some of the popular treatments a general dentist might use to fix a broken tooth:

  • Dental bonding: These treatments involve applying composite resin directly to a damaged tooth. A composite resin is a combination of plastics and glass that is used to rebuild and restore teeth. The composite can be color-matched with the patient's teeth and the putty-like material is applied to the damaged areas in layers
  • Veneers: These are thin, shells that are used to cover the front part of a tooth. The restorations serve as a mask, hiding any flaws on the front part of the teeth being covered. Veneers are used to treat broken teeth when the damage is minor and it affects mostly the front part of a tooth. More extensive damage requires a crown
  • Crowns: These are tooth-shaped covers that go over the entire visible part of the tooth. The crown hides damage to the tooth and protects it from bacteria and acids in the mouth that can cause further damage. Crowns are one of the most popular restorations used in dentistry and they also protect teeth that are covered with them. Crowns are typically recommended when the patient has a severely broken tooth
  • Root canals: Root canal therapy can be used to treat damage that compromises the pulp chamber. It allows the dentist to save severely damaged teeth and avoid having to extract it. The process involves the dentist using a series of files to clean out the contents of the pulp chamber. Once the tooth's nerve and blood vessels have been removed, the dentist disinfects the area and closes it up. The tooth is then covered with a crown to protect it from further damage
  • Extraction: If the damage to a broken tooth reaches beneath the gum line, the dentist will have to extract the tooth. There is no point trying to repair such a tooth since damage to the roots means it will eventually fall out regardless of what the dentist does. When that is the case, the dentist might opt to extract the tooth and replace it with a restoration like a dental implant. Implants are artificial teeth roots that are inserted into the jaw. A crown – or some other restoration – can then be attached to the implant to replace the lost tooth

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