Dental Bonding or a Dental Crown for Your Child’s Chipped Tooth

Wondering if dental bonding or a dental crown can be used to repair your child’s chipped tooth? If the damage is minimal, then it is likely that a dental professional will only need to use bonding to repair the chip. If the chip is moderate or severe, then it may be necessary for your child to have a dental crown placed over their tooth in order to keep them from losing it.

This is especially important if the tooth in question is a permanent tooth, as our teeth are meant to last us on our entire lifetime. A full set of teeth is necessary for children to have a healthy mouth.

Common ways children’s teeth get chipped

Children tend to always be active and on-the-go, making it so that chipped teeth in children are not an unusual occurrence. Two of the more common ways children chip their teeth include falling down and bumping into something. While a chipped tooth normally does not cause any pain, it is possible for a child to experience pain if the tooth’s nerve is exposed.

Whether the chip is minor or moderate, it is necessary to make a dental appointment as soon as possible in order to get a dental professional's opinion on how the chip should be treated.

Procedures for fixing a chipped tooth

Dental bonding

dental bonding is often used to repair minor chips in children's teeth and is more commonly used than dental crowns. The special bonding material can be used to fill in the chipped area, similar to filling in a cavity. It can be customized to each child’s tooth making it so that it can be difficult to even see the bonding.

Dental crown

Dental crowns are often used to repair larger chips in a child’s tooth. Also called a dental cap because they can be used to completely cover up a tooth that is in jeopardy of being lost, crowns can help keep a tooth strong and healthy when a part of the tooth has been chipped off.

First steps to take when a child’s tooth chips

When a parent realizes that their child has chipped one of their teeth, the first thing they need to do is rinse out their mouth. This allows parents to check on the severity of the chip as well as if there is any swelling present. If there are any pieces of the tooth present then these pieces can be saved and given to the dental professional during the appointment.

Have a plan in place

Whether your child may need dental bonding or a dental crown to repair their chipped tooth, always having a plan in place for addressing any emergency dental issues is a great idea. When you do, you will be much more prepared for any type of dental situation that may come up while your child grows, which can mean the difference between their losing a tooth and having a tooth saved.

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