Clear Aligners vs. Traditional Braces

Clear aligners are a popular option nowadays when it comes to straightening teeth. Patients no longer have to spend years dealing with highly-visible metal braces that can be quite uncomfortable. With clear braces, patients now have the option to discretely correct any orthodontic issues that they are dealing with.

Teeth alignment options

Let us take a closer look at four reasons why clear aligners are a better option than traditional braces:

1. Discrete treatment

As was mentioned earlier, one of the main benefits of clear aligners over traditional braces is the fact that these devices are barely visible inside of the patient's mouth. This helps the wearer to avoid embarrassment when dealing with peers. This is particularly true for younger adults since bullying is often a bigger issue for people in that age bracket.

However, that does not mean traditional braces are now obsolete. Thanks to breakthroughs in dental technology, it is now possible to customize these devices. While it will remain very visible in the patient's mouth, it can be customized with the wearer's school colors or something else along those lines. That means metal braces can be "cool" when customized appropriately.

2. Easy to remove

Traditional braces are a permanent solution that can only be removed by a dentist, but clear aligners can be easily removed and inserted into the mouth. That means the wearer no longer has to worry about avoiding certain foods when eating. The device can be removed and then reinserted after meal times. The same applies to when it is time to clean the mouth. 

3. Healthier option

It can be quite difficult to clean traditional braces. Food particles and debris are constantly getting stuck in the brackets and wires and getting it out can be quite time-consuming. Failing to properly clean traditional braces can lead to calcium deposits and a host of other orthodontic issues. These deposits become highly visible when the braces are taken out. That means the wearer will need the services of a cosmetic dentist to restore the appearance of their teeth.

This is never an issue with clear aligners. The patient takes the device out whenever it is time to clean their teeth, ensuring that they can be thoroughly cleaned.

4. More efficient scanning

Patients typically have to bite down on a mold so that the dentist can have measurements of their mouth for traditional braces. With clear braces, 3-D digital scans are typically used instead. This provides the dentist with more accurate measurements of the patient's mouth.

3-D scanning also creates a better image in less time. That reduces the total treatment time during the evaluation period for clear braces. The dimensions are then sent to a lab where the clear braces are made.

Once the clear braces have been created, the patient is given a series of trays to wear. Each is worn for a period of two weeks and each tray brings the person's teeth a little closer to the ideal position.

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