Are There Clear Aligner Options?

Clear aligners are translucent orthodontic devices comprised of plastic. These aligners straighten crooked teeth just as well as conventional aligners. The difference is that the clear variety cannot be seen unless an onlooker is within a couple inches of the mouth. Here is a brief look at the different types of clear aligner options.


Invisalign braces are invisible. These braces have become quite popular in recent years for good reason. Those seeking a dental solution to straighten teeth that does not include the use of metal will find Invisalign to be the perfect option. Patients who try Invisalign find this aligner option comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Though it takes some time to move the teeth into the proper position, Invisalign typically works faster than regular braces. Some patients find their teeth shift to the perfect position in as few as 12 months. Invisalign can take upward of 18 months to produce the intended results, yet patients do not dread the wait because these clear aligners are invisible to onlookers.

Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen is a distinct form of Invisalign clear aligners, designed specifically for teenagers. These aligners are different from the regular Invisalign variety because they straighten teeth as the jaws and dentition continue to evolve. The aligner system is provided with multiple features to make the teeth-straightening process as easy as possible. Patients who opt for Invisalign Teen are provided with tooth eruption tabs to permit space for growing teeth.

Upward of half a dozen replacement aligners are provided at no extra cost. This way, if the teenage patient loses or damages the aligners, they will have replacements ready to go. Invisalign Teen also comes with specialized aligners that promote the advancement of the lower jaw. These unique aligners allow for treatment without the use of elastics. Compliance indicators are also provided to show dentists and parents if the patient keeps the aligners in for the full 20 hours each day.

The primary appeal of Invisalign Teen has been and always will be enhanced self-confidence. Parents who spend for Invisalign Teen testify that it is well worth the money, as this oral device makes life easier for self-conscious youngsters. Their peers will have no idea that the teenage patient’s teeth are gradually being straightened by these translucent aligners.

Invisalign express clear aligners

Express clear aligners are a quick and affordable means of correcting wayward teeth. There are two express treatment types with distinct lengths. The first type takes a mere three months to work its magic. This type requires upward of five aligners. The other type of Invisalign express clear aligners takes six months and requires 10 aligners.

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