Why You Need a Dental Crown

Why You Need a Dental Crown from Visalia Care Dental in Visalia, CADental crowns are a popular option for restoring a smile, but they offer more benefits than you may know. A dental crown is a customized, tooth-shaped cap placed over a damaged or compromised tooth to help its shape, size, appearance, and strength. Discover common signs indicating a dental crown is right for you.

Protection for a vulnerable or compromised tooth

A dental crown acts as a protective barrier for a tooth that is compromised in some way, whether by decay, infection, or trauma. Whether the tooth is cracked, chipped, severely decayed, or has undergone root canal treatment, a dental crown can strengthen and protect it from further damage. By covering the entire visible portion of the tooth, a dental crown ensures the underlying tooth structure is guarded against chewing or biting forces that may have also been compromised beforehand.

Restore tooth function

When a tooth is damaged, its functionality is automatically compromised. A dental crown restores the tooth's full function, allowing patients to chew and bite properly without experiencing pain or discomfort. Whether the damage involves one of the front teeth or a molar (the back teeth), a well-fitted dental crown ensures that patients can easily eat their favorite foods.

Prevent further dental issues

When a tooth is cracked, broken, or decayed, it can lead to more serious dental problems if left untreated. Dental crowns address these problems early on, preventing further damage, decay, infection, and the development of speech challenges (i.e., lisps). They can also prevent gum disease, which can attack the entire mouth and surrounding teeth. Preserving the overall health of the teeth and gums reduces the risk of needing more invasive and costly dental treatments or possibly extracting the tooth altogether.

Restore a complete smile

Dental crowns do not only restore function but also aesthetics. Many types of crowns are available, with porcelain, composite, and metal being the most popular. However, with each type, the dentist will closely match the materials to the patient's surrounding teeth, ensuring a seamless integration into patients' smiles. Misshapen, discolored, or heavily filled teeth can benefit from dental crowns, providing a natural-looking makeover to a person's smile.

Boost in confidence

Sometimes, a damaged or discolored tooth may not cause pain, as the tooth nerve has not been disrupted. However, it can seriously impact a patient's self-esteem, especially if it is a front tooth. Often, when people have an obvious flaw in their smile, they hesitate to smile openly or communicate effectively due to embarrassment. A dental crown can restore confidence by providing a natural-looking appearance, allowing patients to smile, laugh, and speak without hesitation.

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Protect your oral health’s integrity.

Dental crowns are a versatile dental restoration that can completely revamp your smile's appearance and functionality. If you have a damaged or vulnerable tooth, are experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity, or have undergone a root canal, give us a call today and schedule an appointment. Our team will determine if a dental crown is the right fit for your oral condition.

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