When a General Dentist May Recommend Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings Visalia, CA

A dentist may recommend tooth colored fillings when they find a cavity. These fillings are the current new version of the old, silver fillings. The fillings are molded out of a composite resin compound, which is a mix of plastic and ceramic. It fills and shuts off a cavity after the compromised area has been taken out. As opposed to traditional fillings, they blend elegantly with your natural teeth.

Benefits of tooth colored fillings

Unlike traditional fillings, these contain no traces of mercury. It makes a risk-free option for tooth restoration. Furthermore, many patients have allergic reactions to traditional fillings. This is rarely the case with tooth colored fillings, which are a ceramic-plastic blend. Having said that, here are the advantages of tooth colored fillings as many general dentists recommend them.

Fast treatment

The procedure for tooth colored fillings is quick and painless. One or two cavities can be treated in under an hour. A dentist will administer local anesthesia to numb the teeth and gums in the treatment area during the appointment. The dentist will remove the infected area and clean it. Then, the dentist will place a tooth-colored resin into the cavity left by the removed tooth decay. Following that, the dentist will shape the composite resin to maintain the natural bite and dry with a curing light.

Aesthetically beautiful

Tooth colored fillings blend appropriately with the surrounding tooth structure. It is impossible to tell if the individual has a filling or cavity. Instead, everyone will see the individual’s beautiful, white teeth. Tooth colored fillings also do not discolor the person’s teeth.

Long sustainability

If the patient takes good care of the teeth, gums, and fillings, they can last more than a decade. It is important to floss once a day and brush the teeth twice a day. Patients should visit the dentist every six months for a cleaning session and dental exam. Furthermore, patients should avoid bad dental habits like biting on inedible objects such as pens. Chewing on ice and hard candies should also be avoided.

Less risky for the teeth

As the temperature of the mouth changes, silver amalgam fillings can contract and expand. This can put pressure on the tooth, causing it to shatter and break. Tooth colored fillings do not expand or contract. The fillings are also stronger and endure chewing force.

Maintains a healthier tooth structure

Composite resin is a material that bonds to the teeth. As a result, dentists do not have to remove as much natural tooth structure. The same cannot be said for gold fillings or silver amalgam. Composite resin fillings allow dentists to treat the cavity more cautiously and preserve more of the natural tooth structure.


Silver amalgam fillings have mercury. It is known to be toxic. Although the level of mercury in silver amalgam fillings is low, it is not harmful to the health. Though, most people prefer a mercury-free option.

Tooth colored fillings are easy on the eyes

Composite fillings are appealing to the eyes, easy to place, and simple to repair. With the right dentist, your smile is in good hands. Tooth colored fillings can protect your teeth and enhance your appearance. Schedule your appointment today.

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