What to Expect at Your Oral Surgery Consultation

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Many of the treatments commonly used in dentistry require oral surgery. Patients need to undergo an evaluation and consultation to determine if they are healthy enough to proceed with surgery. Dentists will typically look for the least invasive way to tackle any issues their patients are dealing with, and surgical procedures are only recommended when there are no other options.

How oral surgery consultations work

During the first appointment, the dentist will go over the patient's medical history and perform an examination. The examination might include a visual inspection of the patient's mouth and diagnostic tests like CT scans and x-rays. CT scans provide valuable 3-D images of a patient's mouth, giving the dentist a clear view of the patient's anatomy. It is one of the most advanced diagnostic tools used in modern dentistry.

Patients should come prepared for their consultation with all applicable documents like their proof of dental insurance and a list of any medications they are currently taking. The dentist will also talk to the patient about any allergies they may have. Anyone under the age of 18 should be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian.

All the information gathered during the patient's initial consultation helps the dentist to plan an appropriate course of treatment. For example, knowing about all the medications a patient is taking allows the dentist to come up with treatments that will not lead to negative interactions with their medications.

Preparing for oral surgery

The dentist will also educate the patient about how to prepare for oral surgery and provide a list of instructions for them to follow. For example, the patient might be asked to skip meals on the day of the surgery. The type of anesthetic being used often determines how long the patient should fast. The dentist will also give the patient prescriptions for any post-surgery medication they need. That way, the patient can get everything in advance, so they can take things easy after their surgery.

For most patients, their consultation for oral surgery will not involve any treatments. The date for the surgical procedure is usually set during the consultation.

Not all patients qualify for treatments that require oral surgery. For example, people with diabetes might not be eligible since the condition hinders a person's ability to heal. The same goes for people with weak immune systems. People who smoke tobacco products or regularly consume alcohol might also be deemed ineligible for oral surgery unless they are willing to quit the habit. Both habits limit a person's ability to recover after oral surgery, which, in turn, increases the odds of complications developing.

Preparation makes oral surgery go smoother

Going to a consultation appointment and learning how to prepare for surgery is the first step towards successful treatment and recovery. Call or visit our Visalia clinic if you are dealing with a dental issue that might require oral surgery.

Our dentist will evaluate you and determine whether oral surgery is the right way to fix your problem.

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