What to Do if Your Dentures Break

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For many people with oral health problems, dentures are the right solution. This mouth appliance consists of a gum-colored acrylic base with plastic teeth. It fits over the patient’s gums to replace missing teeth. If your dentist has to remove some of your teeth, or if they are broken or badly decayed, you should consider this apparatus as a solution to reviving your smile. The appliance is natural-looking and allows you to once again eat and speak normally. It is important to take good care of it, however, and take the right steps if it has problems.

The procedure

Getting dentures is not something a person should do without consulting a dentist and weighing the benefits and challenges. Once both the dentist and patient decide this treatment makes sense, the dentist will pull any remaining teeth that cannot be saved. The dentist then makes a mold of the mouth so a technician can custom-make the dentures in a lab. Once they are ready, the dentist puts them on the patient and tests the fit and function. After some adjustments, the patient leaves but will return for regular follow-up visits.

Proper daily care

There are many advantages to getting dentures. Not only does it look like real teeth, but it is also durable and can be a long-term solution to missing teeth. Patients do need to take care of the appliance, however, and continue good oral health practices. It is essential to brush the appliance at least twice a day and to rinse it off after eating. Overnight, the person should soak it in a solution to keep it from drying out and losing its shape. The dentist can suggest the appropriate solution and toothpaste products to use.

For broken teeth

If the patient bites into hard food or suffers a blow to the face, the teeth can break just like natural teeth. It is vital that the patients call the dentist immediately to report the incident. In some cases, the dentist may be able to get the patient in for an emergency appointment. If there are no times available for the next few days, there are some options. The patient can use super glue to put the tooth back into place. There are also repair kits the patient can purchase for short-term solutions.

If the dentures crack

A cracked base is a more significant problem. This can often happen by dropping the appliance on the ground or counter. If this occurs, the individual should not try to fix it alone. Instead, let the dentist examine it. The dentist may have to order for the construction of a new one.

Be mindful

Replacing your teeth with this apparatus can help you enjoy your smile and feel better about being around other people. You want the appliance to last, so make sure you follow these maintenance guidelines. If you are careful, the appliance should serve you well. Talk to your dentist if there is damage to it or if you have concerns.

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