What Procedures Can a General Dentistry Perform?

General Dentistry Visalia, CA

If you have a dental complaint, you may be wondering if general dentistry can help. You may think that the main things a general dentist does are dental exams and cavity fillings. However, these dental professionals can perform a wide variety of procedures to improve the look and function of one's teeth and mouth. 

Common procedures performed in general dentistry

If you are experiencing tooth pain or another oral issue, you should visit a general dentist. He or she will perform a thorough exam and take X-rays if necessary. Once the problem is diagnosed, the dentist will recommend the most effective treatment. A large variety of oral health problems can be treated by a general dentist, including the following.


A common cause of tooth pain and sensitivity is decay. Depending on the severity and extent of the decay, a dentist will perform one of several procedures. If a cavity is caught early, a simple filling is generally all that is needed. This procedure consists of removing the decayed material and filling the area with a tooth-covered material.

If the decay has damaged a large area of the tooth, a filling may not be adequate. Some procedures the dentist can perform after removing the decay to restore the structure of the tooth are inlays, onlays, or crown placement.

Root canals

In general dentistry, a root canal may be necessary if an infection reaches the inside of the tooth, which houses the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth. In this procedure, the dentist makes a small hole in the tooth and removes the infected pulp. The area is thoroughly cleaned, and the hole is filled. A crown is then placed on top of the tooth to protect and strengthen it.


A tooth may need to be pulled out for a number of reasons. If a tooth is severely decayed or infected and it cannot be saved, the dentist will need to remove the tooth. Extraction may also occur if the tooth is severely broken. 

Decay is not the only reason a tooth may be removed, however. If someone is getting braces but the mouth is overcrowded, one or more teeth may be extracted to make more room. 


Dentures are one option for those with missing teeth. A partial denture is for when there are still some natural teeth remaining, and a full denture replaces a mouthful of missing teeth. Dentures allow for more normal chewing and speaking, and they are typically removable.

Teeth whitening

A general dentist can even perform some procedures to improve aesthetics. Teeth whitening is a common procedure that patients request. A professional whitening has better results than other methods, and it lasts longer with proper care.


General dentistry consists of a wide variety of procedures. These may be preventive, or they might treat specific dental issues. A general dentist can also perform some procedures that improve appearance and boost a patient's confidence. 

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