What is an Implant Dentist?

An implant dentist can help individuals with missing or severely damaged restore their smile and improve the overall health of their teeth.

As we age, we have an increased chance of suffering from tooth loss or severe tooth damage. While it may seem unfortunate to lose teeth, there are various teeth replacement options available. These include dental implants from an implant dentist.

Implant Dentist

Choosing an implant dentist for your dental implants is a great way to ensure your implants are properly placed. The placement of dental implants requires a surgical procedure and professional care. An implant dentist specializes in doing exactly that.

The following is everything to know about an implant dentist before deciding on treatment.

What is an implant dentist?

An implant dentist is a licensed dentist that specializes in the placement and care for dental implants. In many instances, an implant dentist may provide various other dental services, particularly those involving teeth replacement.

A dental implant is a surgical post that is fused into the jawbone and serves as the base for an artificial tooth. The artificial tooth is placed on the abutment of the implant. Dental implants require expertise and skill to place properly. Thus, it is encouraged to visit an implant dentist to ensure the procedure is properly administered.

With dental implants, individuals with damaged or missing teeth can significantly improve the look, feel and function of their teeth. They can also ensure they maintain good oral health as they grow older.

What does an implant dentist do?

An implant dentist often oversees the entire process of dental implant placement and care. This includes diagnosing the patient, determining whether dental implants are a good option and providing aftercare following the placement of the dental implants.

On the first visit to the implant dentist, the patient receives dental X-rays and an oral examination in order to determine whether or not they are a good candidate for implants. Since dental implants require a surgical procedure, the patient’s health is considered before treatment is agreed upon.

After the implant dentist and the patient agree upon dental implants, they are then placed and aftercare is given. The implant dentist is there the entire time to answer any questions or address any concerns the patient has along the way.

Why consider an implant dentist?

When suffering from missing or severely damaged teeth, it can become difficult to function properly and it can pose a significant health risk. Not to mention the cosmetic and psychological effects missing teeth present.

Dental implants are the closest one can get to replace their missing teeth with the real thing. They look, feel and function the same way a natural set of teeth would.

In order to ensure quality health, self-esteem and function of the mouth, it is encouraged for those with missing teeth to consider visiting an implant dentist to find out about dental implants and other teeth replacement options available to them.

If you are suffering from missing or severely damaged teeth, give us a call today and schedule a time to visit to determine what all options are possible to replace your missing teeth.

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