Are Tooth Colored Filling Right for Me?

FillingFillings that match the color of the patient's teeth have become wildly popular. There are two varieties of these fillings. In most cases, we can complete a direct restoration in a single appointment. However, indirect restorations such as inlays usually require a couple appointments. There are numerous advantages to tooth-colored fillings. Below, we take a look at whether tooth-colored fillings are ideal for patients in an effort to help you select the oral health solutions that make the most sense for your mouth.

The Many Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

These fillings look just like the neighboring teeth. Someone would have to be positioned right by your teeth, within a few inches or even closer to notice the difference between the tooth-colored filling and the other teeth. Tooth-colored fillings also permit for the preservation of the natural tooth structure. There is little risk of an allergic reaction. Nor is there any development of metal sensitivity to worry about.

How the Process Works

An appointment is required for bonding the front teeth. A small amount of tooth structure might be removed to allow for optimal adhesion of composite resin. An agent that conditions the tooth may be added along with an adhesive agent and resin for the filling. After we adequately prepare the tooth, we will place the initial layer of resin over the tooth. We can then mold and shape this resin for contouring after application.

The dentist contours the resin to create the intended aesthetic. We will then subject the resin to a laser or curing light in order for the resin to harden. Once we add several layers to fully fill the tooth, we can polish the resin to guard the material against stains and keep the sheen with the rest of the tooth uniform in appearance.

For the indirect variety, once tooth preparation occurs, we take impressions of the teeth. We will have a dental lab form a replica of the mouth from the mold to customize the treatment. We will then place a temporary filling on the prepared tooth. We will remove the temporary filling off in the second appointment so we can connect the inlay/onlay to an adhesive agent.

Get Rid of Those old Metal Fillings for Good

If your old metal fillings make you self-conscious or do not feel strong and reliable, make a change. Have those old metal fillings replaced with tooth-colored fillings. This upgrade will enhance the appearance of your teeth and bolster their strong teeth to boot.

Taking Care of Tooth-colored Fillings

Patients need to treat tooth-colored fillings just as well as regular teeth. Tooth-colored fillings require proper brushing, flossing and rinsing similar to natural teeth. These fillings can also receive professional preventive treatments to ensure optimal appearance and health.

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