Tips for Saving Money From a Dentist Families Trust

DentistAs a dentist families depend on, we are regularly asked questions about how to save money on dental care or specific procedures. We understand that a lot of families live on a budget that doesn't leave room for emergency medical bills. With this in mind it is important to plan ahead and do what you can to avoid needing emergency treatment. Saving money starts by brushing and flossing at home, eating a healthy diet, and having your teeth cleaned twice a year. This way you can prevent both cavities and infections that could create the need for more in depth, more expensive, dental treatments.

Here are additional ways you can save money.

Ask your company if they offer medical saving accounts as part of your benefits package. A financial advisor or your human resource officer can provide you with further details, but this account offers you a way to set aside money for medical bills without paying taxes on it. If you know that you are going to have major dental work like a smile makeover, this can be a good way to pay for it.

When you know that you need to have dental work done or think you may due to sensitivity you are experiencing, time your appointments correctly in order to save money. For example, most insurance plans have a deductible that must be paid throughout the year. It makes sense to book your appointments before the end of the year so that you are covered under this year's deductible that may have already been paid. Likewise, if your insurance plan will only cover a certain amount per year and you have reached that limit, schedule your appointments for the first week in January. As a dentist patients depend on, we will work with you to schedule your appointments for the most convenient time possible.

If you want to save money on dental care, schedule regular dental appointments. You need to have your teeth cleaned at least twice a year in order to prevent cavities and gum disease. When you do, the chance of you needing emergency dental care is significantly reduced. Things like cavities can be treated quickly and inexpensively if they are caught early. When left untreated a small infection can create the need for a more expensive root canal.

If you play sports wear a mouth guard in order to protect your teeth from becoming injured. Sports injuries are a leading cause of tooth damage on an annual basis and taking this simple step can help to protect your teeth, as it does for hundreds of thousands of athletes every year. Preventing this type of injury also prevents the need for costly restorations.

While examining your teeth, we will let you know if any are looking fragile as though they may break. At times, it makes sense to be proactive in order to strengthen your teeth before they actually break and require an emergency restoration.

  • Medical savings account.
  • Time your appointments
  • Schedule teeth cleanings
  • Wear a mouth guard
  • Treat fragile teeth

The best way to keep your dental care cost down is to make sure that you take care of your teeth. Ongoing preventative care is affordable, and it will keep you feeling great. When you go too long without visiting the dentist, you put yourself at risk for experiencing an uncomfortable infection and spending more money. For more information or to schedule a dental exam call (559) 975-1213 to speak with a dentist families depend on, today.

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