Reasons to Replace a Missing Tooth

Missing Tooth Visalia, CA

If you have a missing tooth, now is a good time to do something about it. There are different options available to replace it and fill in the gap in your mouth. Your dentist can discuss which replacement method makes the most sense. If you are wondering why tooth replacement is important, it is helpful to understand the consequences of leaving the empty space.

Common causes of tooth loss

The enamel layer of teeth is stronger than bone, but teeth can still be prone to damage. Under certain conditions, teeth can fall out. This happens due to hard forces such as biting into objects or suffering a hard blow to the face. Falls can also knock out teeth.

In other instances, tooth decay, infections, or gum disease can cause tooth loss. Poor brushing and flossing can lead to these conditions. The dentist may also have to extract teeth. This can happen when damage is so extensive that the tooth is not salvageable.

For a more attractive smile

A smile is one of the first things people will notice about someone else. If a person is missing a tooth, it can create a large gap in the mouth. This can be embarrassing and even make the person feel ashamed and want to avoid social settings. Replacing a missing tooth will eliminate this space and give the person a full smile once more.

To enjoy a healthier diet

Having a missing tooth makes it difficult to chew most foods. People with missing teeth are unable to eat things such as meat, bread, and even fruits and vegetables. This can lead to nutrient deficiencies and other health problems. Replacing the tooth allows the person to eat well-balanced meals once again.

To avoid infections

When a person is missing a tooth, it leaves an open socket in the mouth. Bacteria can develop in these pockets. After a while, infections can grow. Untreated, the infection will spread throughout the mouth and even into other parts of the body. By replacing the tooth, there is less risk of the infection growing.

To prevent further tooth loss

Missing a single tooth is challenging enough, but losing more can be all the more distressing. When one tooth falls out, the adjacent teeth can drift and become loose. Eventually, these teeth can fall out. Over time, bone loss could even occur.

To prevent TMJ

On either side of the mouth are joints called the temporomandibular joints. These control the muscle movements of the jaw. A missing tooth can affect the muscle system that connects to these joints. Pain can ensue, causing continual discomfort and making it difficult to eat or speak. Replacing the tooth can relieve these symptoms.

Do something about your missing tooth today

If you are missing a tooth, there are many reasons why you should replace it. For both physical and emotional reasons, treatment is essential. Talk to your dentist about your situation. The dentist can explain the consequences of missing teeth. You can also find out which replacement method is right for you.

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