Important Health Reasons to See a General Dentist Regularly

Important Health Reasons to See a General Dentist Regularly from Visalia Care Dental in Visalia, CAYour general dentist always encourages you to have regular dental checks. This is not only to maintain your oral health. It is also because it is crucial for your general health. If you want to know the important health reasons to have regular dental checkups with your general dentist, here are the facts.

Good oral health can improve heart health

The heart is a vital organ in the body. Seeing a general dentist regularly may contribute to better heart health. The different parts of the body have a connection to each other. Taking care of one’s oral health can lead to the improvement of cardiac health.

Studies show a link between heart disease and periodontitis. Gum disease increases the body’s inflammation. Chronic inflammation contributes to the onset of various diseases, including cardiovascular ailments. The gums tissue is vascular. Bacteria can enter these blood vessels when periodontitis sets in.

These bacteria can enter the heart and stick to the plaque in the person’s arteries. Some strains of bacteria are associated with strokes. The same strains can cause gum disease. Patients with unchecked oral health may suffer from poor general health over time. Seeing a general dentist for routine oral exams and dental cleanings can improve cardiovascular health.

Gum disease is more prevalent in people with diabetes

The mouth is a haven for many species of good and bad bacteria. Regular visits to the general dentist can keep bad bacteria at bay. Periodontal disease can result from a drastic increase in bad bacteria in the mouth. It can destroy the supportive tissues of the teeth, which include bones and gums.

People with diabetes are prone to having periodontitis. Poor blood sugar control and aging increase a diabetic patient’s risk of developing periodontal disease. Serious gum infection may contribute to the rise of blood glucose levels. This makes blood sugar regulation even more difficult.

Routine dental checks with the general dentist can help improve blood sugar regulation in diabetic patients. This decreases the progression of diabetes. Good oral care with regular dental deep cleanings by the general dentist can help lower HbA1c levels. It can help with current efforts in lowering blood sugar levels.

A diabetic patient can improve blood sugar levels more by maintaining a healthy diet. Regular exercise can also help. Good control of blood sugar levels can help the body combat fungal and bacterial infections in the mouth. It can also help in relieving dry mouth.

Stopping smoking is another way to keep the mouth healthy. Smoking lowers blood oxygenation. This slows down blood circulation, blood oxygenation, and tissue repair. It also makes the mouth prone to periodontitis. Quitting this bad habit can also prevent the formation of arterial plaques. Cardiovascular health can improve by stopping this habit.

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Regular visits to your general dentist and good oral care can improve your general health

There is a strong connection between oral health and general health. Caring for your oral health can enhance your cardiovascular health and blood glucose levels. This can then improve your general health. Routine dental appointments with your general dentist will keep your overall health stable.

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