How Does Fluoride Affect Your Dental Health?

Most people have heard about fluoride and know it plays a role in dental health, but many do not understand why fluoride is helpful, which leads to not implementing fluoride into their oral care routine.

Understanding how to use flouride to your advantage can have fantastic benefits.

Fluoride effects on dental health

There are several benefits — and perhaps a single concern — of fluoride that should be understood.

The following are the main effects fluoride has on dental health.

Fights against tooth decay

First and foremost, fluoride helps fight against tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs when the enamel of a tooth becomes weakened, and it can ultimately lead to the formation of cavities if left untreated. Once a cavity forms, it is irreversible, as tooth enamel cannot naturally grow back.

Tooth enamel can become damaged when the minerals that make up the enamel are constantly attacked. Fluoride works to strengthen the enamel, which means fluoride ultimately fights off attempts of acid and bacteria found in food particles and other substances to damage and weaken the tooth enamel.

Rebuilds weakened enamel

Not only can fluoride help prevent tooth decay, it can fight against tooth decay worsening after it has already begun. Although tooth enamel cannot grow back once lost, it can be strengthened, or remineralized, if it is only weakened.

Anyone who suffers from weakened enamel should consider consulting with their dentist about appropriate, effective fluoride treatments to ensure that a cavity does not form as a result of the weakened enamel. In most cases, the weakened enamel can be restored to full health, avoiding dental procedures from being needed to repair the tooth decay.

Improves dental health in children

As important as it is for adults to implement a fluoride treatment plan into their daily oral care routine, it is even more essential for children to receive a steady dose of fluoride, as they are often far more susceptible to tooth decay and cavities than adults.

With children, fluoride can fight against cavities forming on their baby teeth, which helps avoid any unnecessary pain or dental procedures. Even though they may “just be baby teeth,” it is still important for children to practice good oral hygiene and to implement a fluoride treatment into their routine.

Fluoride and its effect on bones

Lastly, there have been many studies done to try and learn more about the effect that fluoride has on bone health, which affects much more than just dental health.

Although studies differ and a few even suggest fluoride may be detrimental to bone health, most studies conclude that fluoride actually increases bone strength and can reduce the risk of bone fractures as we age.

In fact, what is known as sodium fluoride therapy has been performed in individuals who have experienced bone loss, as fluoride is believed to help improve bone density.

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