General Dentistry Restoration for a Chipped Tooth

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General dentistry has several treatment options for repairing a chipped tooth. Dental chipping often results from impact accidents. The resulting damage may be either mild or severe. If you want to find out what general dentistry restoration options are available for dental chipping, here are the details.

Porcelain veneers

These are cosmetic dentistry solutions to deteriorating or damaged teeth. A dental professional practicing general dentistry can use veneers to restore dental chipping. The dentist gets porcelain veneers and bonds them to the front surface of the chipped teeth. Veneers make teeth look like new. These thin shells also make teeth look straight.

Veneers cover one side of damaged teeth. Each shell is about one millimeter thick or even less. Porcelain veneers are permanent teeth restorations. These shells are even resistant to staining, durable, and quick to get.

Dental bonding or filling

A tiny chip is easy to repair in general dentistry. Dental bonding can restore the small piece of enamel. It is made of tooth-colored composite resin. This is a simple form of cosmetic dental restoration. Bonding is effective in restoring a damaged front tooth. A damaged chewing surface can get a dental filling.

Dental bonding does not need numbing at all. The dentist will apply an etching solution or gel on the front surface of the chipped tooth to roughen it. The rough surface will make the bonding material adhere better. Adhesive material will go on the tooth. The dentist will apply the resin material to the tooth. After shaping the bonding material, the dentist will harden the material by exposing it to ultraviolet light.

Dental crowns

A tooth with a large chip will need a dental crown. This is a treatment in general dentistry capable of covering the exposed dental surface. The dentist will need to shave off a significant amount of healthy tooth structure. This will make the dental crown fit well over the damaged tooth. The crown is tooth-colored, capable of blending well with the neighboring teeth.

The dental crown will provide protection to the damaged tooth. A chipped enamel is weak. The tooth is likely to suffer from sensitivity because of the exposed dentin. The enamel will not grow back anymore. A custom dental crown can make the tooth whole again.

Dental implants

The surface of dental implants has dental crowns. In general dentistry, implants can replace a deeply chipped tooth. This often involves a crack reaching the pulp and the jawbone. The dentist cannot save the tooth at this point. Tooth extraction will happen. Then, the dentist will perform dental implant surgery.

The titanium rods will go into the drilled holes into the patient’s jawbone. After proper osseointegration, the next general dentistry step will be attaching the abutment. Following this will be the attachment of the dental crown. The dentist will make sure the crown will blend well with the neighboring natural teeth.

General dentistry can provide proper and lasting solutions to chipped teeth

Chipping can be devastating, especially if it happens to your front tooth. This can affect your self-image. Instead of wallowing in depression, getting treatment for it can help you more. An appointment with a dental care provider who practices general dentistry can help. Several options are available to restore your tooth.

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