General Dentistry FAQ: What Does a Dentist Look for at a Checkup?

General Dentistry FAQ: What Does a Dentist Look for at a Checkup? from Visalia Care Dental in Visalia, CAGeneral dentistry visits are critical for a person’s oral health, regardless of age. If it has been a while since you have seen your dentist, make sure you get into the habit right away. You may not be familiar with what will take place during a routine appointment. The more you understand about these checkups, the more comfortable you will feel about going. You can also feel positive about taking care of your dental needs.

When and why general dentistry checkups should occur

Like any aspect of a person’s health, dental care is vital. Checkups should begin early in life, from the time a child starts getting teeth. From this point, visits should happen at least every six months. People with glaring dental problems such as severe decay or gum disease may need to come into the office more frequently.

A dental exam is vital to diagnose and treat problematic oral health concerns. Without these visits, a person may not know they have certain conditions. These issues could become more significant and lead to other health problems. Going to the dentist regularly also establishes good habits for life.

Cavity check

A general dentistry visit allows the dentist and hygienist to look for signs of tooth decay. The hygienist will first take X-rays to detect cavities that will not be evident in a hands-on exam. Later in the appointment, the dentist will use a dental probe to feel for holes in the tooth. If the dentist spots any cavities by doing any of these, there will be a discussion on how to treat the issues.

Gum health check

A set of healthy gums is just as important for a person’s oral wellness as healthy teeth. To do this, the hygienist will look for swelling or bleeding of this tissue while cleaning it. The hygienist will check for gum recession as well. The dentist may look for pockets of bacteria and plaque buildup at the gumline.

Worn teeth or other damage

While examining the patient for cavities, the general dentistry staff will check for other problems with the teeth. Common issues include worn teeth, which can happen with patients who clench or grind their teeth. Other damage such as chips, fractures, or cracks may also be evident. Some of these may be minor concerns that require no attention, though treatment might be essential with some damage.

Other concerns

During an examination in a general dentistry office, the patient can expect a thorough checkup. The dentist will also look at the person’s neck and face for abnormalities. The dentist can also look for bite dysfunctions. Some dentists will regularly keep an eye out for signs of oral cancer.

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A complete evaluation of oral health

Ignoring visits to the general dentistry office can have detrimental effects. Do not put off trips to the dentist’s office for any reason. There is nothing to be nervous about when you have a checkup. You can have peace of mind to know that the dentist has your interests in mind.

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