What General Dentistry Exams May Find in an X-Ray Diagnosis

What General Dentistry Exams May Find in an X-Ray Diagnosis from Visalia Care Dental in Visalia, CAGeneral dentistry care can offer many benefits for your oral health. Even if you stay on top of good oral hygiene, you still will need regular checkups and treatments from your dentist. When you go to the dentist’s office for a visit, a number of things will happen. One of the first will be a series of X-rays. The hygienist or dentist will take the patient’s X-rays, except for pregnant women and small children. These images can show the dentist problems in the mouth that the naked eye cannot detect.

Preparing for a visit

Having a general dentistry checkup should occur at least every six months for people of all ages. This starts as soon as a child gets teeth and continues throughout life. Young patients and those who have not been to the dentist’s office for a long time may have anxiety leading up to and during a visit. It is helpful to know what will take place. Nervous patients should learn about the checkup process and what the dentist will do. It can also help to meet the staff beforehand and feel comfortable with them.

X-rays can show cavities

Tooth decay is perhaps the most common problem that dentists encounter. It is common in younger patients but takes place with teens, adults, and seniors as well. Larger cavities may be evident to the person or others just by looking or feeling. However, it takes an X-ray at a general dentistry appointment to identify smaller cavities. These tiny holes will form on the teeth as sugars and starches from foods eat away at the enamel layer of the tooth.

To repair a cavity, the dentist will put in a filling after cleaning out the decay. For larger cavities, the dentist will perform a root canal. X-rays may also show cavities beneath fillings. The dentist may also spot decay underneath crowns.

Bone loss

General dentistry services are concerned about the health of the person’s jaw as well. The jaw can also deteriorate due to extreme tooth decay and gum disease. When bone loss occurs, teeth can become loose and fall out. The shape of the person’s face can also change, affecting appearance and speech. X-rays can show these issues at all stages. If the dentist detects bone loss early enough, it may be possible to reverse the effects with a bone graft.

Cysts and tumors

A general dentistry checkup consists of routine procedures such as looking for cavities and cleaning teeth. The dentist will also keep an eye out for more serious problems such as oral cancer. X-rays can reveal that the patient has a tumor cyst as well. These may be deep within the jawbone. They also can be at any stage of development.

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A key part of general dentistry visits

When you go to the dentist’s office, you can expect X-rays during a checkup. These generally take place at the beginning of the appointment. X-rays are vital because these images show things that the dentist would not ordinarily be able to see. There is nothing to be nervous about when getting an X-ray. From these pictures, the dentist will also know how to treat any conditions you have.

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