General Dentistry Basics: Improve Your Overall Health With These 5 Oral Care Tips

One major highlight of general dentistry and overall well-being is oral care. The health of your teeth and gums is usually a reflection of what you eat and how well you maintain your oral hygiene. Failure to take adequate care of your oral health may predispose you to conditions such as heart disease, respiratory issues, and dementia.

Fortunately, oral care is simple and does not necessarily mean significant lifestyle changes. Follow the tips highlighted below to improve your oral health and ultimately, your overall well-being.

Oral care tips

The following are five oral care tips to help ensure a clean and healthy mouth:

A good toothbrush

Brushing the teeth with a hard-bristled toothbrush may be doing more harm than good to the teeth and gums. Hard bristles wear away the enamel and may cause gum recession. Dentists recommend switching to a soft-bristled brush and advise against brushing too rigorously. An electric toothbrush is not really necessary –– a soft-bristled brush from the drugstore should do the trick.


It is a fact that many adults do not take flossing seriously; however, many experts of general dentistry advise patients to floss regularly. Though tedious, flossing will help to eliminate food debris and plaque from hard-to-reach places in the oral cavity. Flossing cleans the debris between the teeth before they turn into plaques. Patients are encouraged to floss twice a day, ideally after meals and before going to bed at night.

Antibacterial mouthwash

Bacterial accumulation in the mouth, especially on the teeth, gums, and tongue, can cause bad breath and lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Antibacterial mouthwash will help reduce the bacteria count in the mouth and give a more refreshing breath. It is an excellent way to care for the teeth if brushing is inconvenient. The mouthwash should be used to complement an oral hygiene routine.

Increase water intake

Drinking water has many benefits. It keeps the body hydrated and helps prevent overeating. Tap water in some communities is fluoridated and beneficial for mineralizing the teeth. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), fluoridated water lowers the occurrence of tooth decay by 25 percent. Water also promotes saliva production and prevents dry mouth, which is known to encourage bacteria plaques.

Nutritious diets

Healthy diet choices such as vegetables, grains, fruits, and chicken are beneficial for oral health. Doctors also advise patients to lower the consumption of sugary and starchy foods to reduce the risk of cavities. Cutting down on soda drinks may seem difficult, but the acid in them may cause damages to the teeth over time. Experts suggest drinking water instead of regular sugary treats. 

Final note

Making minor adjustments to your oral care routine can have tremendous effects on your dental health and general well-being. It may take a while to make these tips a habit, but consistency is key. Make sure you brush twice daily and book your biannual appointments with the general dentistry office.

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