Dental Veneers are an Ideal Solution for Improving Your Smile

Improving the appearance of a person’s smile can be an exciting opportunity. After having different issues that have made them embarrassed about the look of their teeth, finding solutions to get a bright white smile can be an enthralling opportunity.

With many different procedures and options to obtain these results, one of the most popular has become dental veneers. Because of the ease in having them attached to the teeth, and their customization it is no wonder dentists are recommending the solution for their patients looking to improve their smile.

How do dental veneers work?

Dental veneers work in a reasonably simple way. For people with discolored, broken, chipped or worn down teeth it can be an ideal solution. The dental veneer is custom made for a patient and is then bonded to the teeth. After this is completed, it will leave the patient with the bright white smile they have been longing for.

What is the process like to get dental veneers?

The process is relatively simple. A dental veneer is an extremely wafer thin shell that is custom made, including the color, that will be fastened to the front of someone's teeth. The process of having this completed is typically done in 3 steps and is very straight forward.

Of course, all of this will happen after a dentist has given an examination and ensured that the teeth are good to have the veneers installed and there are not any other issues that need to be resolved first.


Once dental veneers have been decided to be the best solution for the patient to get the smile they have been dreaming of; the first step is to get the teeth ready to have the veneers bonded to the teeth.

To do this, the dentist will shave down a tiny amount (around ½ millimeter) of enamel to prepare the teeth to have the shell attached. After this is completed, a temporary veneer may be placed until the custom made one is received back from the lab.

Examination and bonding

The dentist will ensure that the veneer that was received back from the lab is the correct fit and color for the patient. Once this has been verified, it will be time to have the veneer bonded onto the teeth.

The dental veneer is then bonded to the teeth that day, and the patient is on their way with a beautiful, bright white smile. Although many people are shocked at the ease of having dental veneers installed, once they see their smile in the mirror they are even more thrilled with this fantastic dental technology.

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