Common Adult Orthodontic Problems

Dental hygiene

Orthodontic problems have the potential to creep up on those who slack off on dental hygiene, as well as those who take fantastic care of their teeth and gums. Orthodontists have highly advanced ways of treating these issues, but it is up to patients to ask for help. Below, we take a look at the wide array of orthodontic conditions, from the simplest to the most complicated.

Common orthodontic issues


Crossbites occur when the upper row of teeth rest inside the lower row of teeth. Crossbites sometimes lead to tooth stratification. It is also possible for crossbites to prevent the jaw from growing as it should. Crossbites patients often suffer from TMJ or facial asymmetry as they struggle to use the lower portion of the jaw in the proper manner.

Upper front teeth protrusion

If the upper teeth move too far forward or if the lower teeth do not extend out as they should, there will be oral health issues down the line. Upper front teeth protrusion affects the functionality and appearance of the teeth.


Crowding is the primary reason patients require braces. Crowding occurs when there is insufficient space in the gums to fit the teeth. The result of crowding is an improper bite, crooked teeth, dental decay or periodontal issues. Patients plagued by crowded teeth may find that it is difficult to keep them clean.


An underbite extends the lower jaw out beyond the upper jaw in a manner that causes the lower front teeth to rest ahead of the upper teeth. Those who have an underbite find that it compromises both the look and functionality of their teeth.

Spacing issues

Spacing is the polar opposite of tooth crowding. Spacing is exactly as it sounds: large spaces between the teeth. This condition is typically caused by an excess of space in the jaw for emerging teeth. Spacing problems are usually treated with braces.


Overbites occur when the front teeth extend beyond the lower teeth. The lower teeth have the potential to bite the roof of the mouth. However, an overbite also has the potential to create a gummy smile, an abundance of wear along the incisors and/or protruding lips.

Open bite

Open bite occurs when the lower and front teeth do not meet one another in the mouth. Open bite causes issues with chewing food, speaking and even proper tooth and jaw development.

Mismatched dental midlines

If the back bite fails to meet and fit properly, the dental midlines will not match as they should. Mismatched dental midlines compromise dental functionality, as well as jaw growth.

Abnormal eruption

If a tooth improperly protrudes beyond the gum in the wrong area, it is considered an abnormal eruption. Impaction occurs when teeth are blocked from growing in properly. A minor surgical procedure might be necessary to uncover the tooth prior to an oral treatment program.

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