Can a Dental Implant Replace a Bridge?

DentalWondering if a dental implant can replace a dental bridge? Yes, it is possible to replace a dental bridge with a dental implant. While both of these dental restoration options are able to help patients who are missing teeth, they do come with their own benefits and drawbacks. An experienced dentist can help give patients the guidance and direction they need when it comes to choosing the best way to support one or more missing teeth. When someone is missing teeth it can cause additional oral problems making it necessary to seek professional dental assistance as soon as possible when missing teeth.

Dental implants

A dental implant is a common procedure when replacing a missing tooth. The implant procedure requires a dentist to surgically implant a screw into the jawbone that takes the place of the tooth's root. A crown will be specifically made and attached to the top of the screw in order to create a manufactured tooth to take the place of the lost natural tooth.


Dentists have been using dental bridges longer than dental implants and are considered to be one of the best ways to address multiple missing teeth. A dental bridge consists of a number of crowns of which two will cover the teeth next to the missing tooth gap in order to hold it in place. While the problem of a missing tooth is solved using a dental bridge because there is no attachment to the jawbone the patient will experience bone loss over time.

Can a dental implant replace a bridge?

Yes, a dental implant can replace a bridge. Those who currently have a dental bridge may be interested in replacing it with an implant for cosmetic reasons. If this is the case they should first discuss the decision with an experienced dentist as new dental bridges are much more cosmetically pleasing than older versions. If the dental bridge is no longer properly doing the job it is supposed to do and is beginning to put other teeth in jeopardy then replacing the bridge with a dental implant is often the best choice.

While dental bridges are commonly used in a variety of dental procedures they do come with their limitations. Even though a dental bridge is one of the best options to use when someone is missing one or more of their teeth a bridge is not able to stimulate the jawbone like a dental implant can. When someone already has a dental bridge in their mouth where teeth used to be there is no way to connect it to the jawbone, which will lead to their eventually losing bone mass.

In order for a dentist to replace a bridge with a dental implant, there needs to be enough bone mass in order for the dental implant to take hold. If a patient does not have enough bone mass that will support a dental implant a bone graft is possible. While it may take a few months to build up enough jawbone to support a dental implant the option to replace a bridge with an implant is definitely possible.

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