After Your Tooth Extraction


If you are scheduled for oral surgery to remove a tooth, it is important that you undergo extraction site preservation as well. This is because after a tooth has either been removed or lost naturally, the jawbone will no longer receive stimulation from your tooth. As a result, the body begins to think that this area of the jawbone is not performing its duties. Since the body make the best use of its materials, calcium will begin to be leached from this area of your jaw for use elsewhere. This is called resorption and you can lose up to 25% of your bone density in the first year alone. This is problematic both for your health and the security of your other teeth, as well as your natural appearance. Fortunately, we can help by performing a bone grafting procedure and replacing your teeth with dental implants – all in our Visalia, CA office.

Make a Plan

When you approach extraction site preservation from the very beginning it is much easier and more convenient for you. This is because after performing oral surgery we can place a small strip of synthetic bone material in the extraction site.  This will help to preserve the bone that you have along with aid in the creation of a new bone. This way, when you go to replace your tooth, you will not need to worry about having a new bone grafting procedure and needing to undergo an additional oral surgery. Doing it this way can save you a significant amount of time while also being incredibly convenient and easier on your budget.

At Visalia Care Dental we can extract your tooth, complete a bone grafting procedure, and provide you with dental implants to replace your lost tooth. If you live in the 93291 area and know that you need to have a tooth removed, we encourage you to visit our office to do so.  We can then take steps for extraction site preservation. We are confident that you will appreciate how much time this saves you when getting dental implants in the future.  Call (559) 975-1213 to schedule an appointment with our Visalia office so that we can discuss your options further.

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